America The Greatest®

America is the greatest nation in the world because she has allowed her citizens the opportunity to develop their "Potential for Greatness."

The mission of America The is to enlighten Americans, especially American youth, inspire them to act and achieve their potential for greatness, and be thankful that America has given them the opportunity to achieve that greatness.

America The is a totally free program. Freely downloadable and freely reproducible. Our goal is to get our message across to as many Americans, especially American youth, as possible.

The example below says it all. Please download, for free, the entire program as well as future new biography additions.

America The Greatest®

America is the greatest nation in the world because she has allowed her citizens the opportunity to develop their "Potential for Greatness." Citizens such as

John Denver

Born: December 31, 1943 (Capricorn), the eldest of two sons, in Roswell, New Mexico John Denver
Died: October 12, 1997
Father:John Henry Duestschendorf, Lieutenant Colonel in the United Sates Air Force.
Mother:Ema Duestschendorf
Education:School of Architecture
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX
John Denver was born John Henry Duetschendorf, Jr. He moved frequently as a child, secondary to his father's military career. At age 12, his grandmother gave him a 1920 Gibson guitar. he took lessons for a while, became bored with it, and put it away. When Elvis Presley became popular, John's interest in the guitar was rekindled; he found his old guitar, and became quite good with it. He began playing with local groups and at school functions. After graduation from Arlington Heights High School in Ft. Worth Texas, he enrolled in the School of Architecture at Texas Tech. University in Lubbock, Texas. He sang with local bands to help pay for school, and became so involved with music that, against the advice of his parents, he quit school to become an entertainer. With his guitar and $125 in his pocket, he drove to Los Angeles, took a job as a draftsman, and looked for a band. Finally, he landed a job as a warm-up man in a night club, and was discovered by a Capitol Records producer, who had him change his name to John Denver. His career went nowhere, and Capitol Records soon dropped him. In 1965, he went to New york to replace Chad Mitchell of the Chad Mitchell Trio and started to do well. During 1966, he wrote "Leaving On a Jet Plane," which established him as a songwriter. In 1968 when the trio broke up, John Denver began singing college tours with such great success, that in 1969 he signed a contract with RCA Records and his career took off.

A nation is as great as the sum total of the greatness of its individuals. America offers her people more opportunity to develop their "Potential for Greatness" than any other nation on earth. I challenge you to develop yours!

Today we honor JOHN DENVER. Tomorrow could we honor you?

America The reinforces the facts that:

  1. America is the greatest nation in the world.
  2. One of the reasons that America is the greatest nation in the world is that she has allowed her citizens the opportunity to develop their "Potential for Greatness"; However, it is up to the individual to act, capitalize on that opportunity, and achieve greatness!
  3. America the then gives a real example of an American success, taking that individual back in time to the point in time when they were a student in school then explaining how they made their success.
  4. America The Greatest then says - If They Can Do it, You Can Do It!
  5. Finally, America The Greatest challenges the individual to capitalize on their talents, act,and achieve a tremendous success so that we can honor them as the subject of a future America The Greatest Biography.

America The Greatest is totally free, for schools, for homes,for everybody. We want as many eye balls looking at this as possible to get the message across, especially to American youth.

This program was originally produced in the early 1980's as a poster series. Now it has evolved into a totally free internet site.

I hope this program will positively impact the lives of many especially America's youth!

Dr. Michael R. Loss
America The

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